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It turns out that the best preparation for a Monday night circuit class you have never done is not an 8km Monday morning plod.  It also turns out that plodding to the class (as it’s only down the hill and will be quicker than trying to find a parking spot) in the pouring rain and therefore having to wear a huge florescent water proof jacket so you don’t get soaked through and  carry a ruck sack for your water, phone, keys, mobile and inhaler meaning you’re sweating by the time you arrive is definitely a way to make an entrance – just not the one you might have planned. 

But actually, circuits is quite fun in an I-think-I-might-die-any-moment sort of way.  However, because of the potential of imminent death, nobody really chats.  There was a fair bit of people being very lovely and indicating what I was supposed to be doing when I clearly had no clue though, so that was nice.  And I discovered there are types of exercises I’ve never heard of, equipment I’ve never used and a huge number of muscles that I have clearly never done anything with.  Ever.  I Also discovered, that just like my fitball class from years back, the only way I can get through tough exercises is to sing a long to the music.  And maybe again, that’s not the first impression you should make in these situations when nobody else seems to take the same approach…

I didn’t leave knowing anyone’s name, nor anyone knowing mine, but I left (in the jacket, with the rucksack, plodding in the rain and the dark) telling the coach I’d be back next week.  And ‘all’ that was left on the list for first times was band work out and dance fit.


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  1. Well done again! I seem to remember doing circuits at school a long time ago. I wasn’t very keen and wasn’t very good at it!
    Look forward to hearing about your other planned activities!

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