Just as there is no standard client, there is no standard session, but most follow a similar pattern.

Over the years I’ve been doing this I’ve realised that the most effective way to achieve long lasting results is a multi-pronged approach. The intake form you complete before the first session will give me insight into this so in the first session we’ll:

  1. Look at practical steps in relation to your lifestyle – what’s working really well and what steps will help support the changes we’re working towards
  2. I’ll talk you through some simple techniques that will best support your goals and fit into your lifestyle
  3. We’ll talk about your goals and identify steps that will improve the situation (this is the solution focused psychotherapy part).

Initially we only book one session.  (I can’t think of anything worse than having to see a therapist you don’t really click with!)

If you decide to go ahead and book a block of three they will most often be split between:

  1. Working towards the goal (or mini goal within that) using talking therapy (this is the solution focused psychotherapy part)
  2. Often (and optionally), 15-20 minutes of ‘formal’ hypnosis. When you open your eyes you will feel refreshed and alert; like you’ve had a lovely nap.  

Children don’t need ‘formal’ hypnosis – you can do the same work just through chatting, conversational hypnosis, and having fun (some really like it though!), so if the idea of hypnotising your child makes you feel a bit wary, we can absolutely work with that.

Some issues can be resolved in one session (like my phobia that you can read about on the About me page).  Some take a little longer, and sometimes we find issues are like onions – you peel away one layer and there is another underneath.  It’s usually clearer after the initial session how many you might need.

One thing I promise is that we won’t dwell on the negative or anything difficult to talk about.  Our focus is where you are now, where you’re aiming for and the best way to get you there.

I run all sessions online.  There is no difference in effectiveness between online and in person sessions,  – some research now suggests online can actually be more effective – and some clients prefer them for many reasons – you’re often more relaxed in your own environment and this often helps in the therapeutic process.  This also means that wherever you are in the world we can work together. 

It’s probably worth saying here that there is homework!  I do ask that techniques are practiced and exercises completed as the magic doesn’t happen just in the sessions.  For young clients, I ask that parents are either part of this process or with older clients that they encourage it.

If this sounds like a positive step forward for you, contact me and we can set up a fifteen minute call (no charge) so you can tell me about your situation and see if we are right to work together.