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Meeting someone for a coffee in the village is very different to meeting someone – you have never met – in town, at night, for cocktails.  I spent the entire day wondering if I should (rather predictably) send a message saying I felt ill, but I’d had a client the day before who had already done something brave and was planning on doing something even braver.  I told her she was an inspiration and that I would also do something that was brave for me so she knew she wasn’t along with the nervous feelings she had.  We shook on it. 

Typically, the place we were going to meet was full so she suggested somewhere I didn’t know which involved attempting to use Google maps to find my way through the Brighton Lanes. Two and a half circuits of the area and I managed to find the place, find her and realised – like some sort of online date app – we’d not considered some key bits of information… like age.  Now, I love talking to people of all ages, but one to one, there is limited conversation when you realise you could be someone’s mum….  She was lovely, but she did keep telling me how much older her partner was than her (And he is over 10 years younger than me!). But I did it.  I went out with someone new to somewhere new and maybe it was a one off (unless she wants crochet lessons or something), but I felt pretty good having done it.  And it meant that Monday’s circuit class couldn’t possibly be as intimidating…


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