Sometimes we know there is a change we can make, just over the horizon, which has the power to make our lives sparkle that little bit more. Can you imagine the difference that change will create for you?

Maybe you’re already on the path in the right direction but it’s feeling a bit more tricky than you anticipated, or you’ve not started out yet, but you’re taking a deep breath ready to take those first steps. 

Over the last few years I’ve become known as ‘the no nonsense, anxiety resolving therapist’, supporting people of all ages to eliminate their feelings of anxiety or stress through hypnotherapy and solution focused psychotherapy.  These feelings might manifest as physical reactions from uncomfortable feelings to panic attacks to physical illness; habits from nail biting to self harm, to lifestyle effects from comfort eating to sleep problems.

As someone who has dealt first hand with many issues, I consider myself an expert through experience (!), with the tools, empathy, sense of humour (and just the right level of bossiness) to work effectively and successfully with you to get your sparkle back – whatever your age, location or issue. 

If you would like some company on your  journey, take a look through these pages and see if you’d like me to be your companion.  Maybe we’ll find the sparkle is closer than you think.  

Thank you for stopping by, and enjoy the journey!


(PS:  This video is a quick introduction to me, because sometimes written words just aren’t enough, are they?)

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