I don’t have an automated booking system because it is important we have had a chat and are comfortable that we’re right to work together.  Once we’ve established that, we’ll reserve a slot and I’ll send you a form to fill in and payment details.

As mentioned earlier, some issues such as phobias only need one session, some need more.  Generally, sessions are every two weeks.

Price is always important, and I don’t like sites that don’t tell me the price upfront, so these are mine:

  • Initial session:   £132 (up to 1 hour 15 minutes).  For young clients (age 8-16) the initial session will be up to 1 hour, followed by a 15 minute catch up with their parent or guardian to discuss next steps.

Initially we only book one session.  This is to be sure we are right to work together (I can’t think of anything worse than having to see a therapist you don’t really click with!)

  • Set of three follow up sessions when block booked and paid in advance: £270
    • These are up to 1 hour each, to be used within three months.
    • For young children where parents receive a progress report / teens where a parental update is agreed, sessions are up to 45 minutes.

Your session is confirmed once payment has been received and Zoom details are sent out the Friday prior to your session.

You can access my privacy notice here.

Details on cancellations etc can be found in your intake form.