Of course you want to make sure that I am worth your investment of time, effort and money. 

Here are some words from a few clients that might put your mind at ease.  They range from parents of an eight year old to my oldest client to date of 82, from one to one to one private sessions, to group sessions, to corporate sessions. 

Do remember though, that while my clients generously thank me, they are the ones that make the changes to move themselves to where they want to be.

One to one session feedback:

From teens and adults:

I went to Helen after suffering a serious fall and realising I still had trauma around the incident. In one session she took me back over it, in a safe, supported, deeply relaxed state and I can honestly say I now have a completely different relationship to it – it has been put in the past and I can talk about it without all the resulting anxiety and emotion previously attached to it. Helen is fab I would totally recommend her, and yes I was a bit cynical at first, but wow! 


Over the last year Helen became a vital part of my support network as I navigated cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery. I really can’t imagine having to do it without her on my side. She equipped me with tools for tolerating and moving through the most difficult times, as well as always keeping me grounded and focused on a happy future. She’s an absolute wonder of a woman and therapist.


Helen, your expertise has had such a great impact on my life. I feel so much more in control of my emotions surrounding my phobia and much more optimistic in every day life. You had the ability to deliver your session in a respectful, empathetic manner, yet still managed to have me laughing throughout. Talking to you was honestly like talking to a close friend. Thank you so much for all your kindness, advice and help. I will be forever grateful x


Helen is the loveliest person I have met. She is so understanding and always makes me feel at ease. She is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced in what she does and I couldn’t recommend her more.


Other than managing my troubles regarding food, Helen helped me in so many other ways; She is one of the most kind, caring and considerate people I have ever had the privilege to speak to. She dedicates herself into helping you, even if that means outside of her working hours. This is only a fraction of the kindness that she beams each and every session. Though we haven’t spoken for a while, I know that she is still there for me should I need a chat – and that is what makes her special.


After years of living with this dreaded feeling, knots in my stomach and constant worries. I found Helen, who has really helped me. Helen has a lovely persona and I didn’t feel judged for how I was feeling, we talked through the best way to address it and I will be forever grateful.


Helen’s way of finding the best route to a solution, with kindness, compassion and understanding is a gift, and I am very happy to recommend her.


I was extremely sceptical about seeking this type of therapy. Indeed the common misconception about hypnosis was discussed with friends and family after. I can honestly say that my session with Helen is a stepping stone to a positive and healthy lifestyle. My traumatic experiences are now turned into numb and distant memories and I have a strange reaction as I am now smiling and laughing (in a good way) at the trauma at the time and is now in perspective. After blaming myself for my perpetrators actions for years I feel like I have a huge weight lifted off of me. I have slept soundly for the first time in many year. Thank you simply amazing.


*Desperately seeking sleep!* Helen is the most amazing person. She is incredibly caring, supportive, engaging and calming. Her sessions were so important to me, I looked forward to them. Having not slept properly for over 2 decades, her sessions unlocked something in my subconscious and I was finally able to sleep. I no longer fear going to bed and my nights allow me to sleep and I wake up refreshed and not tired – I guess how most people feel all the time. I cannot thank Helen enough!


I signed up to work with Helen because I have been battling anxiety for over 20 years. I’ve gone through cognitive behavioural therapy, talk therapy, and several different medications. My anxiety was at a manageable level but I knew life could be better. Since working with Helen I have noticed that I get more done. I’m not procrastinating due to anxiety!


It only took a very few one to one sessions for me to notice a massive difference in my anxiety. 


I contacted Helen soon after I was diagnosed with cancer, to help me through the anxiety I was suddenly experiencing.  Helen was immediately warm & personal, but she was also clearly an absolute professional.  She has been organised, responsive, and every session has been carefully crafted to help me through either a specific event or help with my thoughts and worries about treatment

‘Absolutely bloody marvellous’


‘I have spoken to many therapists and doctors over the past five or so years, and none of them have ever given me the same level of understanding that you have given me, or ever helped me as much. Your techniques, words of wisdom and comfort go unmatched. And the fact that you were able to connect with me entirely over Skype and never in person only adds to the astounding talent that you have to empathise and help.’


‘I cannot recommend Helen enough … She has helped me to quickly overcome issues I have been struggling with for a long time and I have made significant progress from each session be that face to face, zoom or Facebook live. I now have the tools to help me overcome the situations I find difficult. Thank you Helen!’


‘I can honestly say that after just three weeks, I feel like a completely different person. My head has space, space to breathe and think. To be calm. My negative thoughts come, then just disappear, no more overthinking anything it’s truly amazing!’


‘Just wanted to say a massive thank you. I have not even had a second thought for a cigarette. It’s like a switch has been flipped. If I even think about a cigarette I breathe in – almost on auto pilot – and then the feeling goes away…I feel so much better!!’


‘After ten years of not sleeping properly I can now go to bed confident that I will sleep. My sleep improved rapidly after my first season with Helen who is really knowledgeable about sleep and was able to help me unpick some of my issues with it.’


‘I would highly recommend Helen, she has helped me change my life for the better, she’s always there to listen, to make you laugh and to let you know that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her.



From parents:

Helen is a lovely therapist. She has helped my 17 year-old son and giving him tools to cope with his anxiety and other issues that seem to work. She is kind and understanding. I would recommend her to a friend for their child. In fact, I already have!


You really took your time to get to know my son. Even in times when he struggled to talk, you was so patient with him. You heard everything he had to say and worked with him at his pace. You also worked with me to give me strategies that I could continue with between sessions.


What a wonderful experience at a hard time with my youngest. Thank the stars I found you. Approachable, understanding and so supportive and within minutes my child felt at ease. Thank you so much.


Helen, you are honestly a wonderful person. Your knowledge, understanding and extreme kindness not only helped my son, but me as well at a very difficult time. Your sessions were like a breath of fresh air that enabled my son to believe more in himself and challenge himself. Your approach was so uplifting with your brilliant sense of humour, my son would always come away from a session laughing, as I did after our feedback phone calls. I will be eternally grateful. Thank you so much


Helen worked absolute wonders with our teenage daughter as she struggled with her eating during lockdown. Her calm, no-nonsense approach was exactly what was needed, and she taught our daughter many techniques when not only helped enormously at the time, but will help her any time she feels anxiety or overwhelming stress in the future.


My daughter felt better about herself from the first session.


Helen is amazing at getting to the root cause of the issue in a short time. I have recommended her to several people and will continue to do so.


After seeing my child smiling again after just one session with Helen I knew she the best person to help my child.


Highly recommend Helen. My daughter found her a real comfort to talk . She was able to open up, discuss and learn how to manage her Phobia. Thank you Helen.


Helen is such a kind and sincere lady who is obviously very knowledgeable in this field, I would highly recommend.


‘Helen has worked with our 11 year old son over the past few months. He has benefited hugely from the sessions. Helen has made him feel totally at ease with the approach and taught him age appropriate coping techniques for his anxiety. His confidence has rocketed. We are delighted and would highly recommend Helen.’


‘My daughter was suffering with some issues which I believed to be more than hormones and I wanted to help her in some way but was not sure who to approach. Thankfully I found Helen and from the moment we spoke on the phone I knew it would be nothing less than positive. My daughter and Helen had an instant rapport. We only had two sessions with Helen and the difference in my daughter has been hugely significant. Helen gave her a number of tools to use at home and my daughter is definitely shining brighter. I would have no hesitation in recommending Helen she really is an expert in her field and a very kind, warm lovely lady.’



Group session feedback:

‘Within an hour…I had the chance to use one of the strategies with my youngest… Thank you. Your techniques bring light, positivity and fun to what can be a difficult and stressful part of parenting.’


‘I just wanted to let you know that during a particularly busy and stressful week with work I was struggling at night…. I used 2 of the techniques you showed us…and within about 5-10 minutes I was off to sleep. Such easy things to put into practice but make such a difference. Thank you. x’


‘Helen made me feel like problems can be solved even when things seem scary.’


‘Helen made me feel relaxed and supported throughout the course. Although we were in a group, she took time to respond to comments and check in with each of us. She was relaxed and funny and the videos were really helpful for learning different strategies to tackle anxiety.’


‘Within an hour…I had the chance to use one of the strategies with my youngest… Thank you. Your techniques bring light, positivity and fun to what can be a difficult and stressful part of parenting.’


‘I have just completed a 2 week “Dial it Down” course with Helen via a private Facebook group. I found this course extremely helpful as it has given me some useful strategies for coping with certain situations. Helen is very knowledgeable, completely approachable and very compassionate. I strongly recommend this course for anyone who is looking for some extra help with anxiety.’


Corporate session feedback:

‘Helen did a large group session on managing stress and anxiety at my company.at my company. It was a very interesting session, with a mix of practical techniques and explanations of the science behind the techniques, which I think appealed to the audience. Despite a much larger crowd than expected turning up, she handled it very well, and her authenticity and real life examples were really refreshing. Highly recommend her for companies that want to have a focus on well-being at work.’

Head of Internal Communications; Kantar

‘As part of our wellbeing month Helen conducted a 40 minute session entitled ‘Your Toolkit of Calm’. The session was well structured and informative. Helen’s ‘real world’ experience of the subject made it relatable and easily understandable. The tools she provided were clear and easy to apply to everyday life and her explanation of how to make them a part of daily life rather than just a tool in moments of crisis was incredibly helpful.

The session was in itself a moment of calm with participants feeling much more calm after the session as well as being delighted that they now had the tools to support themselves to manage their own anxiety.’ 

Karen Irving, Events and Merchandise Manager; The British Horse Society


‘Helen held a large sleep clinic at my office yesterday which was fantastic. She covered a range of subjects whilst beautifully linking them a together. She also mixed theory with practical exercises which kept the full audience engaged and gave something for everyone to takeaway. I’d highly recommend Helen for large groups or on a one-to-one basis.’