I’ll be completely honest with you.  I used to be sceptical of hypnosis.  It was really mind over matter, right?  Actually, no.  Wrong.  

I now know there is more to it than that because for over 10 years I had issues with being in crowded places.  Not just feelings that I’d rather not be there; ones that ruled my life.  I changed my contract at work so I could work from home the majority of time, and if I did go into the London office, I had to get a 5.30am train to be sure I wouldn’t have to get too close to anyone.  Tubes were not an option unless someone was with me and even then, if it was crowded, I could still have a crippling panic attack.  I wouldn’t go to pubs or bars unless I knew I could sit down in a corner and not have to move, and I couldn’t go anywhere new alone incase of…well…people.  

A few months into my training I could see that hypnotherapy – particularly the type we were learning that was unscripted and tailored uniquely to our clients – combined with solutions based psychotherapy, was an amazing tool.  Based on science with a sprinkling of magic I saw it work on all sorts of issues but was unsure whether it could make a difference to such an ingrained issue for me.  One hour of hypnotherapy was all it took to turn everything around. And it turned out there was no need for long drawn out talking sessions, for understanding the ‘why’ or for trying to stop my fight or flight response when it had already pretty much flapped away.  I changed jobs.  I now commute (often alone) into London.  I jump onto crowded tube trains feeling grumpy, but not terrified.  I’ve been to pubs, bars, concerts, I’ve even been to a club and practically danced my shoes off on a packed dance floor.  If I could have achieved this in any other way, I would have; I’d tried everything to fix the issue and have a normal life.  There was no mind over matter required.  The issue was there, then *poof!*  Gone!

This entire process is quite simply life changing and I want to be able to help people like you choose to live the best life out there for you.  

I’m a member of the General Hypnotherapy Register which ensures protection of the public and continuing development within the profession.  That means I’m committed to continue learning as well as having regular supervision by others in the field, so my clients and I know I am offering the most up to date, professional and appropriate support.

So, that’s why I do this side of things.  Before I moved into this full time, I was an Internal Communications Manager in London.  Outside of all this, I’m on the continual learning curve of being a step mum to two boys, being an auntie to my niece and nephew and doing my best to stay fit and challenge myself in the same way that I challenge my clients (if I don’t do it, how can I expect you to?!).  I live in Brighton between the sea and the Downs, counting my lucky stars each night, with my partner Tony and our cat, Norman.

I also work alongside Hypno Dragon sometimes.  Mostly he just helps out when I work with children, but he is happy to sit alongside anyone who needs him. He is a friendly sort of fellow.

I have three practices; one in Patcham, just outside Brighton, one in Sevenoaks and one in Crowborough, but I work online too, so wherever you are, location is no problem.  All details can be found on the Contact Me page.

Right now, due to Covid-19 I’m running all sessions online.


Helen Walker

Dip. Hyp. Psych; Registered Hypnotherapist (GHR)