When I started in this line of work, I realised two things:

First:  There is an element of content I teach clients that is very often the same for a specific issue.

Second: The cost if individual sessions might mean that this content is out of reach for some.

The solution seemed to be to teach those things to small groups, meaning more people would be able to benefit.

So, I put together a sleep clinic as it’s something a lot of people asked me about, and the feedback – and more importantly, the results – were fantastic.

Next, I compiled a session around techniques to decrease levels of anxiety – an anti-anxiety clinic.  Again, people let me know how much they benefitted.  I’ve run this one with secondary school pupils as well as adults and the simple techniques appeal to and work for both.

These sessions don’t fix everything for everyone, but they do give you a great starting point to work from and an introduction to making positive changes.  

I’ve run these sessions in schools, large corporates and for small groups of people who have signed up through my site.  If you’d like to know more and see some feedback, take a look at the pages for the specific clinics, or contact me

I’m particularly keen to support children so if you’re a parent and would like me to run a session for you and a group of parent friends, I’m very happy to do that.  I’m also happy to work with a school to reach as many parents as possible – and will donate a percentage of my takings to school fundraising, so that everyone benefits.  Contact me for more details and options.