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It’s true.  And if you’re looking for someone to guide you through dialling down those anxious feelings from ‘the other side’ (that is, a place of calm serenity for people who have got their shit together – or at least say they have), I’m not the therapist for you.  Sorry.

However, if you want to work alongside someone who:

  • utterly understands that there are good days, great days and days where that anxiety monster comes out and messes with your head and tightens muscles you didn’t know you had in your shoulders and chest
  • knows that being told to ‘just calm down’ has the effect of wanting to knock the lights out of the person daring to utter such useless platitudes
  • Is as human as you…

…we should probably talk. 

Because I don’t have my shit together, but what I do have is the tools to manage it when it hits the fan.  Or just when:

  • that person I can’t face right now calls and I go into a tailspin, or
  • when I’m wondering if I upset Jane Bloggs because I didn’t call her back last Wednesday and start on that spiral of negative self talk, or
  • when I have to travel on public transport in the strange new masked world where the rules don’t seem clear and I have no control, or
  • when a huge bar of chocolate seems like the best possible solution, regardless of the problem…

I teach a heap of ways to manage those feelings.  I use them myself and I’ve passed them on to client after client…because anxiety tends to either cause their challenge or is the result of it, and when they dial those feelings down, everything becomes more manageable. 

And do you know a great thing about ‘recent times’?

Working online, courtesy of that pandemic thing has opened up doors.  It means that people who found travelling to therapy rooms stressful in itself can now meet with me virtually from wherever they feel most at ease and relaxed (some say that helps the process bed in more too). 

Here’s the exciting bit:

It’s also given me the opportunity to think up new ways of doing things, so on October 3rd I’m starting an online group programme that you can take part in from home – from anywhere in the world – which will make a difference to your ability to Dial Down those anxious, stressed out feelings. 

It’s a small pilot, so it’s a small price.  Almost half the places are already taken. Want to join us? 

Find everything else you need to know and sign up here. 




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