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‘Oh f*ck a duck.’  I uttered, quietly this morning.

Because his is the scene I met on my bike ride.  The one looking at me and the one blocking the gate the other side?  Yes, both bulls.  And we all know bulls are scary, right?  You stay away from bulls, don’t you? 

But that would have meant rather than zooming across the 3km left between me and home, I’d have to go back up a very long hill and then do an extra 8-10km to get home a different way.

Over the last few months I’ve discovered on my cycling expeditions that actually cows are quite chatty and seem really gentle creatures.  I often stop to talk to them.  So I wondered after my initial panic, would bulls really be that different?  Isn’t my fear of them just what I’ve learned over time rather than based in any personal reality? Was it a very literal bullshit belief?***

So, I asked them if they would mind letting me through the gate.  I pushed my bike slowly towards them as I asked and…they stepped away.

It made me wonder –  as I thanked them for being so accommodating and cycled off –  how often we might not try something because we assume it’s scary, too hard or plain old not possible, but with no real reasoning behind our thoughts.  That opportunity to meet new people, to speak up in front of others, to ask for help…

What have you been avoiding because of some old, outdated, bullshit belief?  Isn’t it worth just edging forwards slowly and seeing how far you can get if you give it a go?


*** I know that bulls can be dangerous, so please be aware I’m not suggesting anyone else strike up conversations with them in order to squeeze past like I did.  It’s up to you which beliefs and boundaries you want to challenge 😉 


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