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I HATED team games at school. I was (and am) so un co-ordinated that Mrs Smith stopped trying to teach me tennis and let me sunbathe. I assume I hid in bushes rather than do cross country as the only memory I have it watching everyone else running way, way in front of me. And I was always one of the last to be picked for a team. I was seriously unfit.

Which is why last nights circuits class moved me rapidly to a 3 on the #froginapot scale, then right back down to a 1. Because we had to pair up, and nobody wanted to go with me. Gulp. It was like being 14 again.

But do you know what? It turned out it wasn’t because I was terrible, or not liked, or any of the things that went through my mind as though I’d stepped back 30 years….it was because they all thought I was *too* fit to partner them!

Now, that probably says more about their fitness levels than mine, but it does go to show, that with some effort, we can all change things about us that we might have thought were set in stone. It does take some effort (sorry, hypnotherapy is practically magic, but you still need to be involved in the changes!), but everything that is worth doing takes a bit of oomph…

I wonder if you have an old, outdated pattern like mine where you skip up the dial without knowing why….it’s worth a few minutes to wonder about that  

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