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Hello lovely you, 

I’ve been told I’m worse than a client’s wife, bossier than a mum, stricter than a friend…and that’s just in the last few weeks!

I know that means I’m not everyone’s cup of tea when it comes to a therapist, but I like it.  I like it because it means that just like I don’t give my clients any bullshit, I don’t take it either.  I will give 100% to every client, but I call them out if they are not doing the same.

Because I strongly believe that therapy isn’t ‘done’ to you, it’s a journey together and I will hold you up all the time you need it, but you have to put one foot in front of the other yourself – I’m not dragging you anywhere. We’re in this together.

We use a three part mixture:

  • The practical basics: Sleep, exercise, sunlight…all the ‘obvious’ things.  Although not always that obvious when you are struggling.  We go through these together and work out if any area needs tweaking.  Then you tweak while I cheer you on.
  • Talking to make conscious changes: Where do you want to be?  What’s the best way to get there?  Sometimes we might need to know a bit of where you’ve come from, but our focus is on moving forwards, not looking back.  And you put those changes into action while I keep on cheering and guiding.  (Also, sometimes it also takes a bit of talking to embed number three which is…:)
  • Hypnotherapy, to make subconscious changes: Because sometimes things are just so automatic for us (our reactions to crowds, our habit of opening the biscuit tin when we are stressed, not being able to sleep etc) that we can’t stop it through conscious thought alone.

I love how this mixture always brings results, but it’s not the only one that works.

We all have negative thoughts which result in negative behaviours, which result in negative thoughts….and so on, occasionally. 

We can also interrupt that cycle in all sorts of different ways.  How do you interrupt your cycle?  Or would you like some ideas?  

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