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Your brain can’t tell the difference between what’s real and what you imagine. 

It sounds a bit daft doesn’t it?  But think about it.  Imagine that situation that makes you feel a bit nervous or panicky; maybe standing up to present in a room full of people, or taking your tantruming toddler on your weekly shop, or going to the dentist for root canal work.  Close your eyes and picture yourself there, just for a few seconds…

Did you notice that slight feeling of anxiety creeping in?  Your shoulders tensing?  Your breathing speeding up a little, maybe?  Your brain thought you were there in that situation for real, so your body reacted.

I’ve had a card stuck in front of my desk for over a year, but Norman seemed to think today was a good time to remind me of it:


‘Worry is a misuse of your imagination’ (It was Dan Zadra who said this.  I’d never heard of him before I looked him up, but I like his words).

Often I forget the next logical step here, and that is that if you can turn on the stress response just by thinking about a problem – real or imagined –  it stands to reason that you can do the opposite.

Try it.  Close your eyes and imagine yourself somewhere that makes your heart happy; perhaps lying in the warm sun on holiday, or that comforting feeling of being held by someone you love, or maybe just sitting quietly in your happy place, feeling nothing but calmness.

Are those shoulders relaxed?  Is your heart rate slowing?  Your breathing more regular?  Isn’t your body amazing?

So yes, worry is a misuse of your imagination, but not using your imagination at all is a waste.  Use it , focus on the positive and notice how your body enjoys those beneficial reactions.

Maybe you could have a slot in the day when you focus your imagination on the positive?  Maybe you could notice when you use your imagination for worrying, stop the thought and focus on something positive?  I imagine it wont be long at all before you notice that your body feels more and more relaxed….

A little explanation:  I’m sharing these tips and tricks as I think they can help lots of us live a more sparkly life and they also demonstrate the power of our mind and body.  When you come for hypnosis we utilise that power, but in a deeper way, unique to you and what it is you want to achieve.

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