Trouble sleeping?  It’s not always what you think it is.  In fact, I’ve identified a series of steps that I take with clients and packaged them all up so you can take yourself through the process.

While part of me would love to convince you to buy the full package to get your sleep back, that’s not how I work.  Instead, I’ve put together a three step programme. You might need to use all the steps, but sometimes just the first one is enough.  And yes, you could buy all three steps right now and hit your issue from all angles, but you might want to take it one step at a time.  


Sleep Programme

Step 1:  The sleep quiz and booklet: A short quiz to give you an idea where your sleep hygiene levels are and a 15 page booklet to talk you through why we need sleep, and what practical changes you can make to improve yours.  It also covers three techniques I teach clients to relax their body and mind in preparation for sleep. £10

Step 2:  The Recordings: Access to recordings of the three techniques we’ve covered in the step one, allowing you to lie back and be guided through them with relaxing music in the background. £15

Step 3:  Sleep in a box: A longer, hypnotic sleep recording designed to take you straight to sleep by addressing the physical, conscious and subconscious mind.  I’ll also send you (in the post) a small hand made sleep pillow you can pop inside your pillow case.  It combines hops and lavender to improve relaxation, stress and improve sleep, using centuries old folk-lore and herbal traditions.  £20 (pillow to UK addresses only, or additional charges apply.)

I’d advise starting with Step 1, but you can buy each step in isolation (eg you could just buy Step 3 as a gift) or all three can be bought together as a package for £40.  Email me at to start the steps on your sleep journey.


Let’s be completely honest.  Although some or a combination of the above has improved the sleep of my clients with sleep issues who have followed all the steps, sometimes a little extra onion peeling is needed.  If you go through all the steps above and your sleep still isn’t what you want it to be, contact me. Maybe it’s time for a one to one session to see if there is an underlying cause.