How is your frog doing?

Have you ever hidden your feelings rather than ask for help when it would have…helped?  And then felt more isolated for just trying to ‘get on with things’ alone? Have you ever shown your feelings and been surprised how many people were willing to offer the encouragement you needed? Imagine how different it would feel if there was an easy way let people know when you need support and to see who to offer help to…

I’m on a mission to create a simple language around stress and anxiety so we can look after ourselves and each other better.  I have a personal connection to this because…well because I’m human and know how isolating those negative feelings  – and the associated reactions can be.  I bet you do, too. 

So, how are we going to do this?

Many therapists use a scaling system so clients can easily track how they are feeling. It’s simple and it works. So that’s the first part.

And I’ve found for myself and my clients, sometimes it’s easier to talk in metaphors as it takes some of the scariness out of a situation (and that’s adults and children)-  so the second part is ‘Frog in a Pot’.  Do you know the concept?  The theory goes that if you pop a frog in a pot of cold water and heat it gradually, it doesn’t realise until it’s too late that it needs help.  For us, by being aware of where that dial is, you can monitor any stress or anxiety you might feel so you can address it before you’re cooking.

So, welcome to ‘Frog in a Pot’.  This is for you if you might occasionally like to signal that you need a bit of support.  And it’s for you if you’d like to be able to offer support (or at least understand that someone might be having a bad day). It’s pretty much for anyone and everyone.

The way it works is:

Step 1:

Each day for the next six weeks on whatever social medial you choose, post your Frog in a Pot level using the frog emoticon, a picture of a frog and a number – or just a number.

Whichever you use, add the hashtags #froginapot and #dialitdown

Here’s a guide on those numbers:




















Step 2:  Keep going.  Wouldn’t it be great if on a day when you need help, you could just pop ‘4 #froginapot’ on Facebook or Instagram – or even just say it out loud –  and you could be pretty sure someone would reach out to you?  It could happen if we all want it to…


Please like, share and get involved in this campaign on Facebook and Instagram.  Together we can support ourselves and each other, and have a lot less hot frogs around, which can only really be a good thing.


Dial it down – free guide

Not sure how to help yourself?  Add your email details here  and I’ll get you out a five step guide so you can #dialitdown.  (It’s ok.  We are getting better at talking. But fixing is still an unknown for lots of people….and there are some really easy ways to help yourself)


Want to help support someone else? (or give someone who cares about you some guidance on what to do when you need a bit of extra support?) but not sure how? The dial it down guide has ideas, plus some extra notes for supporters.  Add your email details here and I’ll mail it over to you.  

Thank you for sharing and taking part  – you’re helping to make it ok to ask for help.