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‘But does it *really* work?’ is something I hear a lot.

Let me tell you a story:
A few weekends ago I got on a plane to Ireland.
Getting on a plane – or just being around lots of people in a small space used to terrify me. That is, until I was training in hypnotherapy and one of my colleagues practiced the Rewind Technique for phobias on me…and piff paff poof! It went. Well, pretty much…
Last weekend was the first time I’d been on a plane since well before Covid. Everything was fine until I started watching people board the plane. And realised there were a lot. And my brain started telling me to panic…
…because when we’ve been scared of something for a long time it’s really easy to slip back into that feeling. Often we have practiced that reaction many more times than the ‘not bothered’ reaction and because we are so good at it we slip right back there.
Now, I realised that this is what was happening as it’s something I tell clients who I work with to remove phobias all the time – your mind might take a while to realise that the fear has gone so your conscious mind will try to get you to react in that old way.
The solution?
Did you see my Five Things videos? the first one on 7-11 shows you exactly what I did. It only took a few breaths in that pattern to knock the panic on the head and get on with enjoying (yes, enjoying!) the flight and the weekend away.
1) Yes, hypnotherapy does *really* work on whatever you want it to…if that is what you want (it can’t make you do something you don’t want it to)
2) If you want an instantly calming technique and missed it, go back to those five videos and take a look. They *really* work too!

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