Is anxiety stopping you from living life with that sparkle you want?  Do you want to make changes quickly?

What would it feel like to dial down those feelings, just one or two notches, right now?

Over the last few years I’ve become known for supporting clients experiencing varying levels of stress or anxiety. This might manifest as physical reactions from uncomfortable feelings to panic attacks; habits from nail biting to self harm and lifestyle effects from comfort eating to sleep problems. You may have seem my #froginapot campaign over here.

As someone who has dealt first hand with many issues, I consider myself an expert through experience (!) – but with the tools, empathy, sense of humour (and just the right level of bossiness) to work effectively and successfully with you to get your sparkle back – whatever your age, location or issue. 

So, you landed on this page….would you like to dial down that feeling of anxiety?

horizontal frogs

What if I told you that together we could make a difference in just a couple of weeks; would you be interested?

My Dial it Down sessions do exactly that.  Together we cover:

  • Back to basics – why are the basics so important? How do they affect our moods and emotions?  What changes do you need to make?
  • Why you can’t always just talk yourself out of anxiety and ‘calm down’?
  • Techniques to calm your inner caveman in seconds (he’s the one who sometimes goes into panic mode)
  • Techniques to deal with anxious feelings longer term, including self hypnosis

And the best part is all of this is done together online via Zoom so you can stay relaxed in the comfort of your own home.

VIP one-to-one package 

What’s included?

   Pre session:

    • A physical pack of prompts to use with the techniques sent to you in the post (UK only) 
    • A booklet to cover techniques you might want some notes on
    • A survey for you to fill in and return to me prior to our first session so I can tailor the session to you
    • A pdf guide to supporting yourself in dealing with anxiety (and some useful tips for others looking out for you)

   Session 1 (90 minutes):

    • Back to basics in depth review 
    • Techniques to reduce all levels of anxiety
    • Hypnotherapy specific to you

   Post session 1:

    • A personalised report suggesting changes sent to you via email
    • Links to hypnotic recordings that are appropriate to you and your situation

   Session 2 (60 minutes):

    • Review of the changes that have taken place since our first session
    • The opportunity to ask questions and discuss specific concerns
    • Hypnotherapy specific to you

The number of people I can offer this package to at any one time is limited; please contact me for availability.  Cost: £250