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What did you want to be when you grew up? I wanted to be a dustman for a while.  Then I wanted to be a nurse; I wanted to help people feel better. This is me living the dream age five in my nurses uniform visiting one of my new born twin sisters. 

Thirteen years later I went to nursing college.  Twice.  I never qualified.  Maybe one day I’ll tell you about that.

I ran away to the Canary Islands to be a holiday rep, then I came home and went back to college to get my A-levels so I could get into uni.  As I was late starting the one year course, I had no predictions so took an unconditional place on a course I had little interest in.  I got my degree.  I got the sort of corporate job I never wanted. I got made redundant.  I got another.  I loved the people I worked with but the job didn’t light me up. I got made redundant again.  I got another.

Somewhere between the last two jobs, on a whim and 20 something years after giving up on my dream to help people feel better, I trained as a hypnotherapist and psychotherapist.  It was mostly out of curiosity as I didn’t really believe in hypnotherapy.

But then it changed me.  And I saw that the combination of psychotherapy and hypnotherapy could help people; *really* help people.

And that’s why, I’m not a nurse, but I am a hypnotherapist and psychotherapist.  Because I can help people feel better.

And it’s why even when your dreams don’t work out and you think you failed, you might just find you were on the right path all along – it just want the one you thought you had to take. 

Sometimes you just have to believe.

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