We all need a little nudge sometimes, don’t we?

A little reminder of what we need to do to look after ourselves, and encouragement to make those small changes that really work in all the busy-ness of life, particularly when we struggle with feelings of anxiety and overwhelm.  

And wouldn’t a space where you could ask questions and be supported by others who want to focus on the positive, on getting themselves to the best place possible and staying there….wouldn’t that be rather lovely too?

And what about if that place had a heap of resources you could dip into whenever suited you as well as a monthly live session to sit back and do a bit of hypnotherapy to really help it all come together?


Introducing PAM

I’ve created Positively Anxious Management (PAM):  A concept contained in a private Facebook page for you to reach and maintain your full potential.  This is available to you whether you have been a client or not, whether you are considering 1-2-1 sessions and want a head start, or if they are the furthest thing from your mind but you’d just like to know you are doing the very best for your mental health.

It’s based on continuous research combined with what I’ve learned works for clients – and myself –  to reduce feelings of anxiety and overwhelm through very practical basic and the magic of hypnosis.


What you get

  • Monthly live hypno HIIT sessions (also available separately at £30 / month)
  • Access to a private library of hypno HIIT sessions to listen to as often as you want, when you want
  • Access to my Back to Basics e-book guide (also available separately at £9 / month)
  • Monthly key topics (six month cycle) for you to understand their significance, identify where you are in relation to them, identify any changes you could make and start making those changes – and measure the resulting improvements
  • Weekly goal setting
  • Regular prompts and tips to keep you on track
  • Hints, tips and a bit of magic (ok, simple techniques and hypnotherapy) to achieve these changes
  • Membership of a lovely positive space where we support, encourage and celebrate


How much is it?

For the first 15 founding members, membership is just £35 a month for as long as you remain part of the group.

There is no pressure to stay – you can join for a month, then leave.  I’d suggest staying for a minimum of six months to complete a cycle of all the topics, but that is entirely up to you.


Is it for me?

This is for you if:

  • You want to reach and maintain the best place you can be emotionally
  • You are ready to make a few tweaks in life to get yourself there (nothing big – I promise)
  • You have a spare 10-30 minutes a week to invest in feeling better than you do right now

This is not for you if:

  • You are waiting for someone else to ‘fix’ you
  • You know that it’s 1-2-1 therapy that you need (this isn’t a therapy-ing group, but it does lay great groundwork, so if that’s something you are considering, this might be a good pre step)
  • You’re not able to find those 10-30 minutes a week to move yourself forward


Where do I sign up?


If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me.

If you’d like to sign up at the £35 founding membership monthly price, you can do so here.  There are fifteen spaces available, and once they are filled the link will update to the full price.  There is no start date – you can join any time you like.

Alternatively, you can make a one off payment for six months now.  If you’d like to resubscribe at the end of that time, you’ll still be classed as a founding member, so the cost wont increase.  The link for that is here.

I hope to see you there!